Outreach & Education

Instrument Drives

Year-round effort to collect gently-used instruments and distribute them to kids, schools, and music programs in undeserved communities throughout California. During the 2016-2017 FY, the USC Radio Group collected and distributed 751 musical instruments in the Los Angeles and Bay Area Markets: 143 schools and 78,239 Students Impacted!

Discovery Days

Twice yearly, family-focused events are held at partner educational venues (Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, Tech Museum San Jose, etc.) that are a destination for families/children. These interactive, get your “hands-on” events add significance and immediacy to the USCRG’s Instrument Drives and feature vocal and musical performances from partner and local youth organizations, interactive and musical activities and workshops from partner arts groups, a live broadcast, and always a Musical “Petting Zoo”!

Neighborhood Arts Spotlight

The Bay Area and Southern California Arts Communities boast thousands of organizations…music, theater, dance, visual arts, digital arts, and many that are breaking new ground in ways that are hard to classify! Many of these groups are small…with shoe-string budgets and limited resources, so their inspired and sometimes groundbreaking work often goes virtually unnoticed. The Neighborhood Arts Spotlight showcases nearly 200 of these groups annually across the USCRG’s TWELVE (12) FM signals, digital, email, and social media assets